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Personalized Message Passing as Email

by Bishal Shrestha and Asker Ali A.

Abstract— This paper on “Personalized Message Passing (PMP) as E-Mail” deals on the method to overcome the problem on message confidentiality and privacy that arises while using other domain email services. It also displays how and on which areas this can prove more effective on changing the outcome. The PMP allows the personalized version of the email services to various areas as per the requirement. It also deals with specific problem tackling methods like Anti-SQL injection as well as some advanced features like dynamic webpage creation.

Keywords—message passing; Anti-SQL Injection; session riding; CSRF; XSS; email confidentiality;

Paper Details

Paper Title Personalized Message Passing as Email
Paper Category Web Application, PHP, Email technology
Number of Words 2791
Authors  Bishal Shrestha, Asker Ali
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Presentation Details

Presentation Ceremony International Conference on Computational Intelligence (ICCI)
Presentation Year 2015
Presentation Venue Anna University, Bharathidasan Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India
Date Presented 7th April 2015

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