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Bishal Shrestha
Digital Marketer and Growth Strategist

  • Digital Marketing Specialist at Seacret Direct
  • Studies IT Strategy and Management at Deakin University
  • Lives in Melbourne, Australia
  • About Bishal Shrestha

    Bishal Shrestha is a Digital Marketer and Growth Strategist. Apart from being a Tech Geek, he is a software engineer who has specialized in Java and Web designing. He graduated in Bachelor of Engineering – Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, Chennai. And he did his higher secondary education from Prasadi Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal.

    He is currently working as Digital Marketing Specialist at Seacret. He’s worked as Digital Marketing Manager & SEO Manager for Xugar Design from 201 to 2019. Furthermore, he’s worked as an IT-Consultant and Public Relations for Kathmandu Infosys, Nepal. Being highly motivated towards this sector, he pursued his career as a Senior SEO Consultant at Infozub. Besides this, he worked as an Ambassador of migme, formerly mig33 from Nepal from 2014-2015.

    Work Experience

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    1. Seacret Direct – Digital Marketing Specialist
    2. Xugar Design – Digital Marketing Manager

          Location: Melbourne, Australia

      Tasks Performed

      Manage and Deal with clients for SEO and Digital Marketing.

      Devise a working plan for on-page and off-page optimizations.

      Moderate and circulate SEO tasks.

      Efficiently carry out the search engine optimization for clients.

    3. Himalayas Group – Web Developer

          Location: Melbourne, Australia.

    4. Kathmandu Infosys – Public Relations & IT Consultant

      Location: Kathmandu, Nepal.

    5. Infozub – SEO Consultant

      Location: Palladam, India.

    Bishal Shrestha

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