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Mitigating of QoS and QoE risks in Network Marketing

by Bishal Shrestha

Abstract— Network Marketing is a rapidly growing field for young entrepreneurs and a method of passive income for the Independent Business Owners (IBOs). This method of marketing can be quite blissful as it primarily depends on Word of Mouth (WoM) rather than expensive advertisements or multiple level of commissions to be paid to employees. However, several issues on Quality of service(QoS) and Quality of experience(QoE) comes into play in this strategy of marketing. When the IBOs are willing to opt out of their business, the buyback policy provides them with a right to get refund for their stocked products. This might be a security of confidence to the IBOs who, however it puts the distributors in high risks and financial issues. Specially, a small network distributor company might be critically affected in this scenario. This paper suggests some practices that will help those risk mitigations while maintaining their QoS and making sure the QoE of the IBOs are met as well.

Keywords— Risk Mitigation, QOS, QOE, Network Marketing

Paper Details

Paper Title Mitigating of QoS and QoE risks in Network Marketing
Paper Category QoS and QoE, Network Marketing, Quality of Experience (QoE), Quality of Service (QoS), Risk mitigation
Number of Words 2593
Authors  Bishal Shrestha
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Presentation Ceremony NA
Presentation Year 2017
Presentation Venue Deakin University, Burwood, Melbourne
Date Presented NA

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